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Eviction moratorium extended through August 1st​, 2020​

Governor Jay Inslee extended the eviction moratorium for the state of Washington through August 1st. As reported by KING 5 News, “It prohibits, with limited exceptions, residential evictions and late fees on unpaid rent. It also requires landlords to offer residents a repayment plan to catch up on unpaid rent.”

In addition, The King County Council passed legislation on June 23rd that protects renters that can’t pay their rent because of COVID-19 related financial hardships. The ordinance includes protections for residential and small commercial tenants in unincorporated King County.

Nearly 400,000 new unemployment claims were filed in King County between March 1 and June 13. COVID-19 fallout not only affects renters but also their landlords. If you own a rental property and are uncertain how to navigate these new laws, how to collect rent, what’s legal and what isn’t, perhaps it’s time to consider hiring a rental property management firm. We’d love to schedule a call with you.




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