Seattle mayor vetos of rent-reporting legislation

Photo of Seattle Washington

It looked as if Seattle would require landlords to report how much they charge for rent, but Bruce Harrell, mayor of Seattle, nixed the legislation after it narrowly passed the Seattle City Council by 5-4, with a veto on June 10th, 2022. Before Seattle drafts its Comprehensive Plan for housing policy and growth management for the…

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Rent backpay installments in Seattle are capped at 1/3 of rent following a pandemic-era law

Interior view of a rental property

On April 26th, 2002, Seattle City Council passed an ordinance by a 7-1 vote that changed the regulations for landlords collecting late rent from tenants affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. New rules require landlords to cap repayment payments at one-third of a tenant’s rent, offer tenants a “reasonable schedule” for paying back rent and extend…

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Should you hire a property manager or do it yourself?

For rent sign

Property managers are not a necessity for every rental property owner. On the other hand, a good property manager can be a huge help and help you protect your investment. You can determine if hiring a property manager is the right choice for you by answering the following questions. How much time do you have?…

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Tips For Maintaining Rental Properties In The Spring

Photo of rental property in the spring

Rental property management companies know spring is the time for maintenance, specifically, creating and completing a spring maintenance schedule. Spring is the perfect time to get rental properties in top condition for tenants who have put off a move and students who will be ending their leases. Exterior items that every rental property needs addressing:…

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Rental Property Investment Tips

Photo of house key

It can be a very wise decision to purchase an investment property. If done correctly, you will earn passive income, receive tax breaks, and gain equity. Nevertheless, it is not sure you will make a significant return on your investment, so you need to consider both market trends and general guidelines when choosing and purchasing…

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Tips to Turn Your House Into a Rental Property

Turn your home into a rental property

Renting out your property has many benefits. Perhaps your house has been on the market for a long time, and you’ve determined that it’s not worth enough to break even. If you inherited a property or received a gift property, you might not want to sell it. Some property owners want to become landlords to…

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Five ways to prepare your rental property for winter

prepare your rental property for winter

Today marks the official start of winter, which means landlords now have the perfect opportunity to ensure their properties are prepared for whatever December through March may bring. Creating a winter property maintenance plan will prepare you and your tenants for a trouble-free winter. Here are some things to prepare at your rental property: Protect…

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Holiday decorations and your rental property

The holidays are soon approaching, and now may be a good time to discuss decorating dos and don’ts for your rental property. Property managers know that maintaining a rental home during the holidays is essential. If you share this information with your tenants before the holiday season starts, you can prevent any misunderstandings. Property owners…

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Seattle’s new rent hike rules won’t be signed by Mayor Jenny Durkan

Photo of Seattle from Queen Anne

Two new measures approved by Seattle’s City Council in September will impose new restrictions on landlords who raise the rent of their tenants. The first provision requires landlords to notify tenants of any rent increase six months in advance, rather than the current two months. The second law requires landlords to provide relocation assistance to…

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The Seattle rental market is booming!

Seattle housing market is booming

The Seattle PI reported this week that Seattle is the 14th most expensive city in the US to rent in. As our area continues to rebound from the effects of the pandemic, demand continues to rise for rental properties. If you are trying to decide if you should sell or rent your property, here are…

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