Update on the Eviction Moratorium

A moratorium on evictions was put in place last September but the US Center for Disease control. This allowed millions of tenants to stay in their homes during the pandemic. On Saturday, July 31st, this moratorium expired. What does this mean for Washingtonians?

The state of Washington is one of many states that enacted the moratorium last year and halted most evictions unless the landlord has intentions to sell or the tenant is a health or safety threat to the community.

Governor Jay Inslee extended moratorium protections and the protections will now remain in place through September 30th, 2020 to give landlords and tenants sufficient time to access federal aid.

As of August 1st, tenants need to pay full rent unless it has been arranged at a reduced amount with their landlord, or they need to actively seek rental assistance. Landlords need to allow tenants to pay back with a reasonable repayment plan before beginning the eviction process and also share resources of services and support available to them under the assistance programs.
Inslee also signed a “right to counsel” measure that was passed by the Legislature. This makes sure that low-income tenants have legal representation when faced with eviction. Washington state laws changed this year with regard to tenant rights and the reasons they can be evicted. It also increased the notice tenants must receive before vacating the premises.

If you have any questions about these changes and your property rights, please contact Sound Point Property Management. We’d love to help you manage your rental property through these changing times.


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