Tips For Maintaining Rental Properties In The Spring

Rental property management companies know spring is the time for maintenance, specifically, creating and completing a spring maintenance schedule. Spring is the perfect time to get rental properties in top condition for tenants who have put off a move and students who will be ending their leases.

Exterior items that every rental property needs addressing:

  • Check the roof for leaks and shingle problems.
  • Maintaining and clearing gutters
  • Landscaping cleanup and spring refresh
  • Security checks at entryways and exits
  • Siding and decking inspection
  • Inspecting concrete driveways and walkways

Interior items that every rental property needs addressing:

  • Clean and maintain the heating/cooling system
  • Make sure there are no moisture or mold issues
  • Look for holes or cracks in caulking or grout
  • Make sure there are no moisture or mold issues
  • Check appliances
  • Clean fireplaces if they exist
  • Fire systems, from alarms to sprinklers, are all tested

The best rental property management companies work with contractors who have experience taking care of rental properties. These professionals can help you maintain the inside and outside of your rental. They include landscapers, general contractors, plumbers, roofers, pavers, painters, gutter cleaners, and HVAC specialists.

Sound Point Property Management provides property management services to the greater Seattle area. We have a trusted list of service providers we use for all our property maintenance. Our property management team can help you manage your rental property, so you don’t have to worry about spring cleaning your rentals.

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