Seattle’s new rent hike rules won’t be signed by Mayor Jenny Durkan

Two new measures approved by Seattle’s City Council in September will impose new restrictions on landlords who raise the rent of their tenants. The first provision requires landlords to notify tenants of any rent increase six months in advance, rather than the current two months. The second law requires landlords to provide relocation assistance to certain tenants if the landlord raises the rent by 10% or more and the tenant moves out. These will go into effect next month.

Mayor Jenny Durkan will not sign two new Seattle tenant protections. Durkan believes the regulations will hurt landlords who own only a few properties and whose costs such as property taxes are rising. One passed unanimously and the other 7-1, so a veto would likely have been overridden by the council.

Next month, a bill requiring more notice of rent increases will go into effect. In July, relocation assistance will be required.

No matter how many units a landlord has to rent or how many he owns, the laws apply.

A relocation bill requires landlords to pay low-income tenants three months’ rent if they leave after rent increases of 10% or more. If you are a single person, you must make less than $65,000 per year or 80% of the area’s median income. According to the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections, setting up the relocation assistance program will cost approximately $1.25 million.

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