Summer Maintenance Checklist for Landlords in the Pacific Northwest

As a landlord in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, it’s crucial to stay in tune with your tenant’s property needs, especially considering the unique characteristics of this region. By implementing a seasonal home maintenance schedule, you can ensure that your rentals are always in top shape, reducing unforeseen problems and attracting potential renters.

Let’s take a look at the following PNW summer maintenance checklist:

Exterior Summer Rental Property Checklist

To reflect the specific needs of your rental property in the Pacific Northwest, consider the following tasks in addition to modifying the property maintenance checklist:

  1. Clean the home exterior: The damp climate of the Pacific Northwest can cause moss and algae growth on the exterior surfaces. To maintain the curb appeal of your rental property, pressure wash the home exterior every season.
  2. Service central air conditioning: Summers in the Pacific Northwest can be surprisingly warm, so it’s essential to have the central air conditioner serviced before the season begins. While air conditioners are a rare find in rentals, if you have one, be sure and keep it working.
  3. Trim trees and shrubs: The lush greenery in the Pacific Northwest is a defining feature of the region. However, trees, shrubs, and bushes can quickly become overgrown and unsightly without regular maintenance. Periodically trim them or consider hiring a reputable landscaping firm to keep the backyard looking beautiful.
  4. Repair window screens: Insects are no strangers to the Pacific Northwest, and ripped window screens can invite them into your rental units. Regularly check and patch or replace torn screens to prevent bugs from becoming unwanted tenants.
  5. Clean decks or patios: Decks and patios receive extra usage during the summer months. Start the season by thoroughly cleaning them and applying a fresh coat of stain or paint, if necessary, to keep them inviting and well-maintained.
  6. Check the condition of the home exterior: Adding this task to your landlord checklist every season allows you to assess the condition of your property. By staying proactive, you can budget for any future maintenance or repairs.

Interior Summer Landlord-Tenant Checklist

In addition to exterior maintenance, inspecting the interior of your rental unit is equally important. Collaborate with your tenants and include these tasks in your property maintenance checklist:

  1. Check appliances twice yearly: It’s more cost-effective to service appliances when tenants report any issues rather than waiting for them to break down completely. Schedule regular inspections and address any concerns promptly to avoid significant repairs.
  2. Look for signs of mold and water damage: The damp climate of the Pacific Northwest can lead to mold and water damage if left unchecked. Regularly inspect for any signs of mold or water intrusion, as prompt action is crucial in preventing costly remediation.
  3. Replace smoke detectors and carbon monoxide batteries: Safety should always be a priority. Remember to replace the batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms to ensure your tenants are protected.
  4. Look for signs of pests: The Pacific Northwest is home to various pests, including termites, cockroaches, bedbugs, and rodents. Regularly inspect your property for signs of infestation, as these pests can cause significant damage. If you notice any issues, promptly engage professional pest control services.

By implementing this Pacific Northwest-focused summer maintenance checklist, you’ll keep your rental properties in excellent condition year-round. It will enhance your property’s appeal and reduce potential problems, providing your tenants with a comfortable and enjoyable living experience in the Pacific Northwest.

Remember, the climate and unique characteristics of the Pacific Northwest require ongoing attention to property maintenance. By prioritizing regular maintenance and addressing issues promptly, you can provide your tenants with a well-maintained and attractive rental property in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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