How to make your rental property more energy efficient

Making your rental energy-efficient can be achieved in a variety of ways. Upgrades can be inexpensive or costly, depending on the level of investment. Still, the utility savings can make most efficiency upgrades worth the cost over time. So, what makes a rental property energy-efficient? There are many ways to improve energy efficiency in most houses, including:

The use of solar panels

Solar panels can reduce energy costs significantly. The technology of solar panels has advanced substantially in recent years, making solar panels much more affordable for rental properties. It is also possible to reduce your upfront costs using incentives or payment plans offered by some solar installers. Furthermore, solar energy systems are often tax deductible in many states.

Ensure proper insulation

For a home to be energy-efficient, insulation is crucial. Your rental could suffer from frozen pipes, climate control issues, and shortened HVAC unit life without adequate insulation in walls, attics, and basements. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check your rental property’s insulation levels if you haven’t done so recently.

Sealing of doors and windows

You can now upgrade your rental property by sealing its windows and doors. Leaks in the air are one of the leading causes of poor energy efficiency. Adding some weather-stripping or caulking around door and window frames will give your rental home an instant efficiency boost.

Installing new windows

Changing your windows may be the best action to take if your rental property is older and the windows haven’t been updated in a while (or ever). Since many new windows block heat and light, they are extremely energy efficient. New windows can also solve condensation, moisture damage, and other problems. Tax deductions may also be available for certain types of windows to help offset some of their upfront costs.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Changing a light bulb can sometimes improve energy efficiency. For example, switching to long-lasting LED bulbs could save you time and money all year long in your rental property. With energy-efficient lighting, you can keep your lights on for months, possibly even years, significantly reducing your maintenance costs and frequency of lighting replacements.

Improving your rental properties’ energy efficiency may not be difficult, but it will take time and, possibly, an initial investment. In addition, you may not be sure where to start with your property.

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