Holiday decorations and your rental property

The holidays are soon approaching, and now may be a good time to discuss decorating dos and don’ts for your rental property. Property managers know that maintaining a rental home during the holidays is essential. If you share this information with your tenants before the holiday season starts, you can prevent any misunderstandings.

Property owners should outline policies for lit candles, Christmas trees, and holiday lights. Tenants should be made aware of things that could violate fire codes. When tenants leave the premises or go to sleep, remind them to unplug their Christmas trees and holiday lights. The use of flameless LED candles can eliminate the danger of traditional candles. Here are some things to consider this holiday season.

Check your rental agreement

Does this document give the tenant enough information regarding holiday decore? Does it allow them to hang external lights? Check your own documentation and decide if it needs to be updated. Share this information with the tenant as a reminder of your leasing agreement.

Encourage a natural tree, but keep it clean

Let your tenants use a natural tree during the holidays if they celebrate Christmas or just want a festive tree. The home not only smells great, but it is a tradition many families have across the country. It is okay, however, to gently remind your tenants that pine trees tend to shed needles or leak sap. Inspect your home shortly after the holidays to verify they cleaned up any natural debris and make sure they are properly equipped to handle any tree mess.

Do not overload outlets

As much as your tenants will want to go all out with their holiday decorations, you should remind them that they should adhere to specific safety measures when using wall outlets for lights or other decorations. Overused outlets can create a fire hazard that could endanger the safety of your home and more importantly, your tenants.

Use 3m wall hanging hooks

If your tenants decide that they want to place holes in the wall for decorations, avoid the mess and ask the 3m wall hanging products to be used. This avoids the need for spackle repairs later.

Candles should not burn unattended

Candle safety is an important part of using scented candles responsibly, especially at this time of year. You, as a property manager, are ultimately the one who decides whether to allow candles at your rental property. It is important to remind tenants, if they use candles as décor, not to leave them on while they are away from the property. A tenant can use this method to ensure the house smells festive while complying with your property management standards

Let Sound Point Property Management do the work

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