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Getting your property ready for a big storm

As the weather changes in the Northwest, it’s good to be ready for the large storms that hit our region each year.  These tips can keep your investment property safer during those storms and keep money in your pocket by avoiding repairs.  Here are a few things to do to your property now in anticipation of bad weather:

  • Have dead trees removed
  • Trim dead branches in all trees near your home
  • Get your gutters cleaned
  • Have a roof inspection done
  • Routinely clean leaves from the street drain near your home
  • Cover any outdoor furniture
  • Take down any temporary outdoor structures, like canopies
  • If it snows, be sure to make sure the sidewalks are cleared and salted
  • Watch for snow build up on carports and flat roofs

These are just a few things to consider as we head into fall and winter in the Northwest.  Should you need any help with your property management, please contact SoundPoint Property Management.



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Jill McCormick

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